The £1.00 Collection

Everything on these pages really are just £1.00 each!!!! We have so much stock that we are offering you the biggest discounts ever and now have a whole collection dedicated to remnants which are all just £1.00.

All of our remnants are individual pieces and non - repeatable stock. The measurements will vary and each remnant is measured as accurately as  we can. We will always measure the shortest lengths so the measurement given will cover the amount which is one piece. Quite often with remnants there will be more fabric than stated in the measurements as we don't measure any parts which have been cut into or have sections missing. If a remnant has any extra pieces we will try and state this in the description.
The majority of our remnants are one off sample pieces or end of roll stock. Occasionally we will sell stock which could be slightly flawed in some way but we will always try and note this in the description and it is reflected in the price. 


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