Safety in the Sewing Studio

Your safety is our priority. We want you to enjoy your sewing so we have listed a few do's and dont's to hopefully ensure accidents don't happen.This is mainly for the children's lessons as they are not always aware of potential hazards. Adults attending lessons will already know potential hazards and know that these are common sense practices. 

  • Please make sure your shoes are not high heeled and are suitable for operating the foot of a sewing machine so you have good control of the pedal.  
  • Do not thread the needle of the sewing machine while the machine's power is switched on.You may accidently put your foot on the pedal which will make the needle go down, and if your finger is in the way it will go into your finger. You will be shown how to lower the needle automatically on our machines. 
  • Do keep your fingers well away from the sewing machine needle as you are sewing, so as not to catch your fingers under the needle! Getting your finger pricked by a pin or needle is inevitable when sewing! 
  • If hand sewing, do not leave a sewing needle laying around, keep it somewhere  safe. Don't put it in the pin pot and if you accidentally drop a pin on the floor pick it up straight away and put it in the pin pot. 
  • Do not walk around while holding scissors. 
  • Do not place scissors or pots of pins on your fabric when you are cutting out or working with it, because when you move the fabric, they will fall on the floor or on you! 
  • Do not put scissors or pot of pins on the sewing machine or in front of it as they could fall into your lap. Keep them to the right hand side of your machine. 
  • Chairs: it is important to sit properly on your chair - no swinging from side to side as you could have an accident. 
  • Occasionally an older child (age 14+) is allowed to use the iron as long as they have done it at home. Anyone younger than 14yrs will not be allowed to use it.